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Drayton prepared to sit out rounds 9 & 10 for a longer term goal

2018 has been a difficult year financially for the team, as Dan tried to establish himself in the Supersport class. It seems be a year where attracting sponsorship has been hard for many riders

September is particularly difficult having three rounds in one month, but the team are working really hard to ensure they can finish the season on a high. He continues to ensure he is in the best condition he can be, as he looks to return if possible for Round 11 - Assen

Dan has been in the point finishes at every round, excelling; given the hurdles he has faced this season.

Dan comments:

“I am gutted that I will not be taking part in the next two rounds, but I fully understand that it has to be this way, if I want to finish the season.

I have shown how committed I am both mentally and physically, the only hurdle to overcome is a financial one. My family, friends and Crew Chief (Neil Pearson) have all been there throughout, and we have overcome challenges at every round. We will push to consolidate more points this season, and we are working hard to ensure we can compete in 2019"

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