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Missing the days when everything was easy, but with time and effort this will come

My name is Chris Morley and I am starting on the journey with friends, family and colleagues to raise money for Dan Drayton. Dan is an employee of ours at Shift Traffic Events Limited and works as a project coordinator in the office. This is a role that he recently progressed onto after working on the road as a Traffic management operative for over 12 months. He is 23 years old and from a young age has enjoyed bike's, racing bikes and everything 2 wheels. See his race page On the Easter weekend in April 2021 Dan was involved in a Motor cross accident which has resulted currently him being un able to walk.


Initially it was expected that as the trauma he experienced settled, his body would start to repair itself he would be back walking again. Dan took this all on board, has attacked this with courage and determination to get back on his feet, but this hasn't been the case as expected. He has managed to kit himself out with walking sticks and a wheelchair. He has also taken everything the NHS has had to offer which has been limited. He has also from his own pocket paid for additional private treatment to make sure he does everything he can to get mobile again. This is obviously very costly and cannot be maintained by Dan and his family.


As an employer we want to fully support him to get him back well and into work again as soon as possible. As such we will continue to pay his wages in full and review on a regular basis. We also will start the fund by initially donating £5,000.00. I have set the target at £20k initially but as he organises treatment this figure may change and obviously I will keep everyone updated as he progresses to show exactly how he is getting on.


Dan will need funds to make sure he gets the best treatment to aid his recovery back to what it was.


Currently he is needing funds for:-

Vehicle conversion so that he can get out and about again

Funds to pay for additional treatment to aid his recovery.

Funds to make changes to his home surroundings so that it is more disabled friendly.


The neurologist he is currently under is expecting that his recovery will be 6 months plus before he is walking again. This isn't guaranteed and we need to make sure that he has everything he needs to ensure the best possible outcome.

500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

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