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As with any form of top class motorsport, two wheel bike sport offer potential sponsors one of the most attractive and cost effective platforms to promote their business or service.

However here at Dan Drayton Racing we relate to all our sponsors as ‘Partners’ as you will be joining with other like-minded organisations and individuals who play and integral role in the career development of Daniel.

We would like to offer you the opportunity to join us on this journey and in return we can provide one of the most cost effective ways bring your business to a large audience and across all forms of media. From TV, newsprint, press releases and social media we can, and will include you in every aspect.

So what can we offer you in return?

How I work with my Sponsors

I have been extremely fortunate to be backed by loyal sponsors, some of who have no interest in motorsport,

but have continued to support my racing season after season. I have built up strong relationships and I am proud to have them with me as I strive to compete at the highest level


Opportunities for Sponsors – What I can do for you


2018 I will compete in The Dickies British Supersport Championship which leads the support class line up, it is the middleweight class for typically 600cc capacity machines and has regularly provided some of the fiercest, closest racing ever seen and for nearly three decades

Each Race Weekend includes

Track Time: 2 x 30 minutes free practices + 1 x 30 minutes min qualifying practice, 1 qualifying day sprint race (75% feature race distance setting grid for feature race) + 10 mins race day warm up + 25 mins feature race.

British Eurosport increased their live coverage to include the sprint race and the Feature race which continues for 2018.  

The opportunity available with sponsorship would be dependent upon the level of support, but can include

  • Use of the  prominent areas on the motorcycle (which are available for sponsorship) to carry the company logo

  • Racing helmet to carry your logo

  • Input into the design of the race leathers of which there would be a minimum if two sets  - again carrying the company logo

  • Race wear to carry the logo wherever possible and be worn in the race paddock

  • "Pit Board" which is highly visible in pit lane to carry logos

  • My website carries Active links to all my sponsors and I include them in all my posts on social media and the race reports I produce

  • Tickets can be made available for internal marketing; or for customer competitions should the company require ( this has proven to be very successful my many race teams)

  • My own personal sponsors would also appear on the race bike and clothing etc, and by association this would be mutually beneficial  from a media perspective

 Exposure for the company

  • The races are televised and attendance and viewing numbers are on the increase (Euro sport 1 & 2, ITV 4 and ITV4+1 Live coverage and Highlights) (see attached file  - password protection BSBDATA)

  • All of the race reports would be available, and product branding could be worn in the Paddock walkabouts -T Shirts caps etc

  • I am happy to become an ambassador for the company, and ensure that the company profile is raised.

    • I have a proven track record when in 2015 KTM UK handed out a pre production electric Supermoto bike, for me to showcase at a prestigious annual event "Cholmondeley Pageant of Power"

  • Their value in me as a rider was shown again, when it was my photograph that was chosen on the 2016 promotional material for the KTM 390 Race Series


  • There is also an opportunity to hand out "give always" (company key rings, stickers etc) at each if the rounds if that is required and perform  leaflet drops

  • Contact cards / scratch card competitions could be handed out, which could also collect contact details, for the very user base that the company may need to collect for future marketing opportunities

If you require examples of the media exposure, including the 2017 season attendance and viewing figures  - I can provide those


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